Ramon Camarillo​

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I hope that you will enjoy the art work that you see here. 

About my work:

The process of Hawaiian Raku firing combines my technical and creative skills to be expressed on every art form that I create.  Iridescent colors of brilliant sunsets, multicolored flowers and smoky, fiery volcanoes are images of my home in Hawaiʻi.  When the firing is complete it’s like opening a gift from the fire gods, never really knowing the end result.  Raku taught me patience and to accept what the kiln gives me.  The beautiful unexpected accidents on my clay canvases are reflections of my family, my life, my friends and the Raku masters that had contributed to my 40+ year journey.  They will always be with me and guide me.       

Thank you for your time and interest.

I can be reached at 703.725.8294 or at rakuramon@gmail.com