These two pieces were on loan with the US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica


Orange-gold Raku #1

9" x 9"


Black / White Pot #14

14" x 10"

Porcelain Gallery

Dragon Mist

7" wide x 26" tall

The tall piece measures 10" wide x 19" high.  It is priced half off at $2,000
The round piece measures 13" wide by 15" tall.  It is priced at $4,000
If you would like to purchase the pair the price would $5,000


Ceramic Gallery

Lithium #1

9" wide x 19" tall


Orange-gold Raku #2

9" x 12"


Welcome to my online gallery. 

Shown are a few pots that are for sale or have recently sold.  I have many more shapes, sizes and colors available.  If using a mobile device, click on the link at that bottom of this page to view in desktop mode.

All pieces are clay or porcelain and are thrown on a wheel as a single harmonious piece.  No coiling, trimming or joining methods are used.  The pieces are either raku or pit fired using techniques developed in Hawai'i. 

If you are interested in any pieces or have questions please feel free to contact me.  

Thank you for your interest